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Social Media Marketing - 2018 is the year of?

The world of Social Media Marketing is ever-evolving. If you missed our most recent newsletter then it’s time now to catch up on today’s Social Media Marketing. Get up to speed by clicking here to read our newsletter, Sh*t Hit the Fan.

With big changes to Facebook it’s time to diversify your brand’s social channel. So the big question is: 2018 is the year of ? Instagram? Good guess but not quite. Snapchat? Old news. Twitter? Even older news. LinkedIn? Ding, ding, ding! We have a winner!

Based on stats provided by Omnicore Agency, LinkedIn has 500 million total users, 250 million monthly active users and 40% of that use LinkedIn daily. That’s a lot of eyeballs and we all know that eyeballs = $$$.

The majority of LinkedIn users are professionals which leads many to falsely assume this platform is solely for B2B brands. However, if your content is crafted well enough LinkedIn can work wonders for B2C brands as well.

This is a platform that provides highly targeted advertising. Unlike other social media platforms, LinkedIn users provide very detailed information about themselves.

LinkedIn’s Campaign Manager currently has 3 advertising options:

  1. Sponsored Content - for creating brand awareness and building customer relationships

  2. Text Ads - for driving traffic and creating leads

  3. Sponsored InMail - for sending targeted messages directly to the people who matter most to your brand

Sponsored Content is ideal for getting started on LinkedIn. With Sponsored Content you can create your audience and define who you want to view your content by targeting users' location, company industry, company name, job title, seniority, member skills and the list goes on. Other targeting options include retargeting your website visitors (with an Insight Tag) and directly targeting contacts by supplying a list of companies or email addresses.

We’ve recently created a LinkedIn account for one of our clients. Over the next three months we will be testing and measuring the success of this new account and we’ll report back on our blog with the results. So stay tuned!

In the meantime, if you are interested in finding out how LinkedIn can work for your business reach out to us. Coffee is on us.

For more interesting LinkedIn facts from Omnicore Agency click here.

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