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Did you know, in 2028...

Along with 500 others, today I was fortunate enough to spend the afternoon at Inspire Canterbury, an event hosted and managed by the Canterbury Employers Chamber of Commerce.

As well as the chance to reconnect with colleagues and make some new ones, we were delivered some wonderful content and information by 6 speakers. These majority of the speakers had a connection with Canterbury and background and successes were shared to engage and inspire.

My view of these events is that if you can walk away with 1 or 2 'Gold Nuggets' then that is success. I thoroughly enjoyed Sarah Robb O'Hagan (Founder & Chief Extremer at Extreme You) as well as young Cantabrian and change maker Jake Millar (CEO & Publisher at Unfiltered).

As a scene setter they opened with what we could be in for come 2028. I found this quite insightful, so share it with you here.

I hope you like it, and would love to hear your thoughts.

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